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Groove Masters Percussion


GMP 5B Maple Drumsticks, Pair and 12-Pair Packs (STK-M5B, STK-M5BW)

GMP 5B Maple Drumsticks, Pair and 12-Pair Packs (STK-M5B, STK-M5BW)

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The Groove Masters Percussion 5B Maple Wood Drumsticks are the perfect choice for drummers of all levels. Crafted from high-quality maple wood, these drumsticks offer durability, balance, and responsiveness for dynamic performances. The 12-pack option offers great value and affordability. These drumsticks are great for drum kit and bucket drumming. These powerful drumsticks provide a comfortable grip for extended play sessions. Maple wood produces a fantastic sound on your drums and cymbals and is known to create the most musical tone of all wood types.

Note: All wood drumsticks will eventually wear out and break. If you find yourself breaking sticks often, It is worth considering switching to a thicker model or to a denser wood such as Oak or Hickory.

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