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We are closed on Sundays.

Best Seller

AirDrum™ Djembes

Our composite AirDrum djembe feature vents along the bottom of the drum, allowing for a rich sound, even when played on the floor.

Rope-Tuned • Lug-Tuned • Nesting Drums

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Best Seller


Tubolos are a unique instrument, doubling as a rebolo and a tubano. Made with air vents, a composite shell, and a Napa head.

Stackable • Lug-Tune

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New Arrival


These gorgeous kalimbas are made from various types of wood. Available in 17 and 21 keys.

Poplar • Rosewood • Walnut • Maple • Acacia

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Made by SATORI

Steel Drums

Our popular and unique steel drums create an ethereal melody with a rich tone.

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