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Groove Masters Percussion


AirDrum™ Rope Tuned - Sarong Blue (3 Sizes)

AirDrum™ Rope Tuned - Sarong Blue (3 Sizes)

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GMP Baliku Sarong Blue Rope-Tuned AirDrum™ In three sizes - 10", 12", and 14" head diameters.

Groove Masters Percussion Composite Rope-Tuned AirDrum™ djembe is made with a high-quality cord rope, lightweight composite shell, and synthetic head. The unique air vent is implemented for more effortless playing. This creates a deeper, richer sound while playing on the floor. Play in rain or shine, the AirDrum™ does not detune in changing weather. This drum is perfect for drum circles, community, and school programs.

The GMP AirDrum™ is available in 10"x19", 12"x23", and 14"x26" (25.5 cm x 48cm, 30.5 cm x 58.5 cm, and 35.5 cm x 66 cm), in three attractive finishes, and as Lug-Tuned and Rope-Tuned.

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