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Groove Masters Percussion


Frog Guiro Family - 3-Piece Set - 3", 4", 5" (FROG-FAM3)

Frog Guiro Family - 3-Piece Set - 3", 4", 5" (FROG-FAM3)

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The Groove Masters Percussion 3-piece musical hand-carved wooden frog guiro/tone block set from Thailand is made with a beautiful light stain. Run the baton up and down its back to produce an authentic frog-like sound. The hole in its mouth is perfectly shaped to hold the baton when not in use. Baton is included. Due to the handcrafted nature of the instrument, colors may vary slightly.

Comes in three sizes: 3" (7.5cm), 4" (10cm), and 5" (12.5cm) in length.

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