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Groove Masters Percussion


Tubolo, Lug-Tuned- Gold/Black (3 Sizes and Set)

Tubolo, Lug-Tuned- Gold/Black (3 Sizes and Set)

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The Tubolo is a tube shaped drum with the patented bass port enhancement system that allows for a beautiful conga sound with the vinyl Napa head, or a powerful djembe sound with a Fibreskin head. Lug tuned heads can be changed in 10-15 minutes. Excellent sound when using a soft mallet or with hands. Tuneable tubolos can be tuned to a specific note, has about a 3-4 scale note range when tuning to pitches. 

All tubolo models have the GMP AIR drum system that allows the bass to project when the drum is sitting flat on the floor. As the bottom is quite wide, allows for stability when being played by hand or with a mallet.

All tubolos are 24" tall so a perfect height for sitting and playing. Great for schools, music therapy, hospital and seniors programs. Get a set and perform as a conga set, sounds amazing with when using microphones.

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