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SATORI 14" Handpan Tongue Drum - TDM-HP

SATORI 14" Handpan Tongue Drum - TDM-HP

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The beautifully melodic 9-note Hybridized Tongue and Hand Pan can be played by hand or with mallets. Easy to play, the steel-crafted 14" diameter is larger than standard tongue drums providing a more resonant, rich sound.

Tone: D Minor (9 Notes)

Material: Steel and Copper

Weight: 4kg / 8.8lbs / 141.1oz

Diameter: 14"

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Handpan Steel Tongue Drum
  • 2 * Drum Mallets
  • 1 * Drum Bag
  • 2 * Sheet of Stickers

NOTE: This drum is not scaled in pentatonic, it's standard mode D Minor, the principle is the same as handpan drums.

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