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Shakers & Cabasas

Many types of shakers include egg shakers, straw shakers, caxixi shakers, maracas, shakeres (shekeres), aslator/kashaka/sho shakers, wooden fruit shakers and more.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
EGG-M101 Egg Shaker (Regular)

Egg Shaker (Regular)

-PVC Plastic egg shaker -Small 2.5" (6cm) size -Great smooth shaker sound -Various colours available


Fl-MAR-M GMP Mini Maracas (pair)

GMP Mini Maracas (pair)

The GMP Mini Maracas are colourful and have a nice crisp, tight sound. They can be used in all musical situations. Excellent for the classroom! Easy...

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DJ-KID Mini Djembe Shaker

Mini Djembe Shaker



SHAK-12 Pangi Shell Shaker (Bamboo Handle)

Pangi Shell Shaker (Bamboo Handle)

-Hollow pangi shell shaker with bamboo handle -Also known as a juju seed shaker in Africa -Sturdy design with comfortable roped hand grip and lizard...


SHAK-14 Pangi Shell Shaker (Rope Handle)

Pangi Shell Shaker (Rope Handle)

Pangi seed shaker with rope handle. Very popular for school programs and general percussion uses.


SHAK-11 Wooden Egg Shaker

Wooden Egg Shaker

-One of our top 5 selling products! -Small wooden egg shaker -Very finely crafted -Very soft and smooth sound -Can alter the pitch by opening and...


CAB-L GMP Cabasa Large

GMP Cabasa Large

- 5" (12.5cm) x 7.5" (19cm)- Durable- Perfect for the Latin music ensembles


CAB-M GMP Cabasa Medium

GMP Cabasa Medium

-4 1/4" (11cm) x 7.5" (19cm)-Durable-Perfect for the Latin music ensembles


CAB-S GMP Cabasa Small

GMP Cabasa Small



CAX-12 African Caxixi Basket Shaker (12cm)

African Caxixi Basket Shaker (12cm)



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