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Sound Effects

Different sound effects include the popular rain sticks and thunder spring drums, plus frog sound drums, clackers, cuicas, and thumb pianos (mbiras).

Model Product Image Item Name Price
CWD-1 Castania Drum Small

Castania Drum Small

-Also known as a Monkey drum or Spirit drum -Small 3" diameter head -Natural goat skin membrane -Approximately 22cm (8.7") long -Spin the...


WOODY-4 Clacker Large

Clacker Large

-Large sized wooden clacker -Hand carved plain wood handles -Great addition to drum circles -Approximately 16-18" long


WOODY-2 Clacker Small

Clacker Small

-Small sized wooden clacker -Hand carved gecko handles -Great addition to drum circles -Approximately 12-14" long


FROG-1 Frog Sound Drum

Frog Sound Drum

-Very cool frog sound drum -Designed as a mini cuica attached to a stick -Natural goat skin membrane wrapped on wooden frame -Spin in circle and get...


RAIN9 GMP Rain stick / shaker 9 cm

GMP Rain stick / shaker 9 cm

- GMP -3.5" (9cm) Rain stick -Can be used as a mini rain stick or a shamer


WK-3 Mbira (Thumb Piano) Large

Mbira (Thumb Piano) Large

-Large gourd mbira -Also known as a kalimba, likembe, or simply a thumb piano -Crafted from a hollowed gourd -Features a beautifully designed wooden...


WK-4 Mbira (Thumb Piano) Small

Mbira (Thumb Piano) Small

-One of our top 5 selling products! -Small coconut shell mbira -Also known as a kalimba, likembe, or simply a thumb piano -Crafted from a hollowed...


PVC-RAIN PVC Rain Stick 100cm

PVC Rain Stick 100cm

-100cm (39-40") long -Built from highly durable PVC plastics -Beautiful sarong cloth wrapped finish beneath a coating of hard resin -Available...


SPRING-2A Thunder Spring Drum

Thunder Spring Drum

-Large Spring drum, also called a thunder drum -Approximately 12" (30cm) long -Made out of wonderfully painted cardboard tubing with a metal...


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