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The repinique is the lead drum in Rio style samba and as an ensemble drum for Bahia style samba reggae. One hand uses a very light drum stick while the other hand plays hand alone. Used for call and response, repinique ostinato patterns and to help group performers with their parts. Used with a snare drum shoulder strap.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
REPIN-10A Izzo Repinique Aluminum 10"

Izzo Repinique Aluminum 10"



REPIN-8A Izzo Repinique Aluminum 8"

Izzo Repinique Aluminum 8"



REPIN-10W Izzo Repinique Wood 10"

Izzo Repinique Wood 10"


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Sold Out

REPIN-12W Izzo Repinique Wood 12"

Izzo Repinique Wood 12"


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Sold Out

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